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Man Called Noon is a Chicago based indie/alt rock band. Their roots are evident in their melodic mixture of classic Americana and post-grunge rock, pop, and soul. Boisterous guitars and booming bass riffs erupt over impassioned soulful lyrics resulting in a distinct and in your-face- sound that can only be harnessed by Man Called Noon.

Each member brings a diverse element to the table for a lively and spontaneous stage show. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Tony Giamichael delivers introspective lyrics laden with anguish, passion, and grit, while bassist Dave Aitken keeps a flowing and steady beat culminating into colossal fortitude. Drummer Josh Fontenot, tops it off with a relentless driving force behind the music that keeps the band in check. This onslaught of guitars, drums, and vocals has virile and tough exterior with a heart of gold underneath.

Over the years, the sound has evolved but remains true to its roots. The core band members Tony, Dave, and Josh remain steady and capable of capturing the rougher grungier sound their last offering laid down. The addition of new band members Nathan Crone (Keys/Multi-Instrumentalist), Stephanie Aitken and Erin Piotrowski (Backing Vocals), and new lead guitar player James "Manny" Manno, has pushed the band to new and exciting levels. The difference is the new focus on the melody, and the quality and depth of the vocal arrangements. The lyrical message has moved to the front of the class, and it blends well with the pending turmoil brewing just below the surface.

MCN now provides a broader musical texture, allowing for a more precise interpretation of a burgeoning sound. They have taken a punctuated leap forward, and the maturity, confidence, and musical talent is on display.

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